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Shoes for New Walkers: A Bigger Pain in the A** (or Foot) Than You’d Think

I’ve been swapping messages with my friend Joslyn McIntyre, fellow twin mom and blogger at Outside Eye, about the hell that is baby shoes.

The good news is, you really don’t have to worry about this until your babes start walking. I mean, why the heck would you bother trying to stuff numerous tiny feet into shoes before you absolutely have to? It stinks! And they hate it! So do I. Above all, I marvel at the fact that so many of the shoes we got as hand-me-downs, cute as they were, I flat-out could not get onto my boys’ feet.

When the time comes, you must follow strict commandments for a few short months to only put your Little Ones into soft-soled shoes, because regular old sneakers or boots or whatever are too hard and won’t allow them to feel the ground as they walk, get a good grip, and hence quickly become more stable walkers. Which you really want, cause they will be falling. A LOT.


Baby Moccasins


The trendy item of the moment are the baby moccasins pictured above. They are everywhere. I swear, when I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market this past fall, I ONLY saw babes clad in moccs. Same thing here in Hawaii.

People love them. They’re comfy. They’re fairly easy to get on your babe (trust me, this is a huge issue). But you know what? They’re also super easy to get off. Joslyn and I concur: Our little tots easily kick off their moccs. And proceed to munch on them. Yummmmmy….

Personally, and this is totally just my pet peeve, but the moccasin look also kinda bugs me. I just don’t think they’re all that.

There are plenty of adorbs shoes for like $60-$100/ pair, if you’re into spending that kind of money. Me? Not so much, especially given these things will fit for maybe a couple of months.


Robeez Shoes


Fortunately, my mother-in-law came to the rescue. She recently found a great, fashionable solution. The soft-soled yet hip shoes pictured above are from Robeez. These are easy to get on and off, but fasten with velcro so they actually stay on… at least until the Joy Boys figure out how to undo velcro (in 2 weeks, probably). And they run only $25-$35/ pair, so they’re affordable.

There are actually tons of cute shoes on the site. My boys love the bunny house slippers Grandma insisted on getting them, too, though we don’t get as much use out of them in sunny Hawaii as we might in say, Utah with Joslyn and her girls.


Bunny Slippers

What about you? What’s your baby shoe hell experience? Any recommendations?

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