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How to Find JOY in Your Everyday Life

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For something a little different today… I’m sharing a 30-minute interview I did with life coaches Wendi, Christa and Shermin on their Blogtalk Radio program Sky’s the Limit. It’s about how to find JOY in your everyday life. I hope you’ll enjoy listening!

Playing in the Waves

I consider myself a JOY CHAMPION. I believe that we can lead a far more fulfilling, purposeful, happy life if we make a conscious practice to tap into joy every single day. It isn’t hard to do, even when we’re under the weather or going through a traumatic period in our lives. We can always find a moment of true pleasure and happiness in nature, music, art, or laughing with our children.

I’ve published several articles on this very topic that went viral: 40 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life, on Huffington Post; and 40 Ways to Practice Joy in MindBodyGreen. I hope you’ll enJOY!

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