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Yes, I like them, Sam I am. Yes, I LOVE Green Eggs & Ham!

I have my mom’s personal trainer, Marc Zimmerman, founder of the top-rated outdoor fitness class program in Honolulu, HiLife Athletics, and father to a delightful 2 year-old, to thank for this brilliant idea: Green eggs.


Green Eggs

I used to sauté a few cups of spinach or kale in coconut oil to go with my scrambled eggs in the morning. Recently, however, the boys haven’t been into their green side dish. So Marc suggested I do what he and his wife, yoga teacher Sara Kova, do: BLEND the 1-2 cups of raw greens with the eggs for a minute, then scramble them in ghee or coconut oil.

(Note: In the picture above, I added a few mild green chiles and some feta cheese to make the scramble extra tantalizing.)

Simple. Brilliant. The same mouth-feel and taste as regular scrambled eggs, but with the extra added nutrient punch of greens! Optional: Serve with a side of turkey bacon. The Joy Boys love this healthy way to start the day.

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