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TwinGo: The Ultimate Baby Wearing System for Twins VIDEO

When I found out that I was pregnant with twins, I registered for two Ergo 360 baby carriers, which I understood (via recommendations from friends and my own Internet research) to be the best baby wearing systems on the market.

I never even considered purchasing a two-baby system designed for parents of twins or two children close in age. Why not? I guess I just figured I’d only ever want to wear one baby at a time. Either the other would be sleeping or okay on his own, or my husband, mom, or friend would wear the other one.

Boy oh boys, was I wrong.

From the get-go, I was wanting and needing to wear two babies at once. Babywearing is proven to help babies grow more healthy and securely attached. And really, it is a dream convenience as a mom. You can strap babies on and, sleeping or awake, they’ll happily go around the house with you while you clean, do laundry, cook, or get the exercise you’re desperately craving by hiking and walking.

When they were tiny, I somewhat successfully managed to entwine both Joy Boys in the Moby Wrap. But after that, once they were big enough to put on back – with strong and consistent head and neck control – I would put one baby in the Ergo on my back and the other on my front.

This works fine. But it’s complicated and I can only manage to get both babes in at the same time with help.

I wrote this blog post asking How the Heck Do You Wear Two Babies at Once? Krystal, the inventor and founder of the TwinGo tandem babywearing system immediately reached out asking if I’d like to give her product a try. Full disclosure: She sent me one for free. But I get no other perks and all views¬†about this product are solely my own.

One week into owning a TwinGo, how do I feel about it? I LOVE IT. I so wish I had owned one of these for the past year.

Here’s a video of me cruising around with my two, 25-pounds each 14-month old twins. I was totally comfortable in the TwinGo. I hardly felt any pressure or weight, no back strain whatsoever, and the boys loved it.


  • Easy to get two babies in: Just put one baby on your side, slide around to back, then clip other baby into front.
  • Only one waist strap and one set of shoulder straps, which join together very easily¬†and have safety elastic to make it super secure (as opposed to attempting to fit two single baby carriers together, which leaves you with a very bulky waist and shoulders).
  • Each carrier can also be used separately, so in essence you are getting two fully functional baby carriers that are designed to fit together as one.
  • With one carrier only, baby can be worn on front, back or hip.
  • Extremely ergonomic design: I didn’t even feel the combined 50+ pounds of weight of my 2 babies. I expect to be able to wear them both at the same time for at least another year or two.
  • Super high end material, very well made. Clearly a lot of love and care has gone into designing and manufacturing this product.
  • Not just for twins, this system can also be used for two kids who are close in age, for example a 2 year-old and a baby.
  • Has a small built-in pocket for storing stuff while you’re out walking or hiking, which my carriers didn’t have. Great design feature – I really love this. You need a place to store your keys and phone while you hike!
  • This pocket doubles as a storage pouch, so you can neatly wrap up your TwinGo when you aren’t using it. Genius.
  • Lots of great add on products such as an infant insert and expansion kit.


  • As with all carriers, can be confusing to figure out what gets strapped in where at first. I found the YouTube video more helpful than the diagram insert that came with the product.
  • As with all carriers, you cannot wear a baby on your back until your little one is strong enough to hold his/her own head up well – usually about 6 months. So until then, if you have twins, you’ll only be using these as two solo carriers.


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