How to Tame a Teething Terror – Uh, I mean, Toddler (or Infant)

How is it that I never heard anyone talk about the hell that can be teething before I had babies? I feel like this is a great curse of the early parenting phase - and it can last, on and off for totally unpredictable period of time, for two years! WTF?! Well, for sure, not every baby has ...

The loving mother teaches her child to walk alone. She is far enough from him so that she cannot actually support him, but she holds out her arms to him. She imitates his movements, and if he totters, she swiftly bends as if to seize him, so that the child might believe he is not walking alone… And yet, she does more. Her face beckons like a reward, an encouragement. Thus, the child walks alone with his eyes fixed on his mother’s face, not on the difficulties in his way. He supports himself by the arms that do not hold him and constantly strives towards the refuge in his mother’s embrace, little suspecting that in the very same moment that he is emphasizing his need for her, he is proving that he can do without her, because he is walking alone.


— Kierkegaard