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Happy Rebirth and Renewal Day!


Happy Easter!

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday as a Christian, or in a non-religious fashion by dyeing eggs and hiding them for your kids to find, I like to reflect on what this day symbolizes.

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Before it was adopted as a Christian holiday, Easter was a Pagan celebration of Spring. For Christians, it is the day Jesus Christ was resurrected.

From a mythological and psychological perspective (which is my background, as a Pacifica Graduate Institute-trained depth psychotherapist), the meaning of the occasion is to honor every human being’s possibility for rebirth.

Whatever our past mistakes, whatever our regrets, we have the opportunity to cast aside our old identity, ask for forgiveness, and move forward with compassion and love. Just as flowers die in the fall, go into hibernation under the freezing soil of winter, then blossom again in the spring full of magnificent color and scent, so, too, can we bloom anew.

There is always the possibility of transformation. We need never lose hope.

So on this day, regardless of your spiritual traditions or religious background, I encourage you to spend a moment reflecting… What old habits would you like to cast aside? What past resentments? And what beauty would you like to welcome into your life today? How might you be reborn?

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