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How Not to Set up Twin Cribs

Today I came across an article saying, “How this mom’s crib set up almost killed her child!”

Usually I avoid this sort of alarmist headline. But when I saw the picture of twin cribs, I got curious.

Twin Cribs

I don’t know about you, but I have my twins’ cribs fairly close together. Not too close, though. Not this close. I’d say there is about 2 feet of space between them.

Well, according to this twin mom, she had her 18 month olds’ cribs just a few inches apart (pictured above). She put them down for nap and heard one screaming. When she came back into the room, one of her Little One’s body was dangling between the cribs, his head stuck above the bannisters. He could have choked to death very quickly.

Lesson learned: Don’t put your twins’ or baby/toddler’s cribs too close together!

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