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Music Together: A Great Class for Even Very Young Kids

The Joy Boys absolutely love their music class, which they have attended weekly since they were 8 months old. As you can see from this video, they already are delicately tapping the piano keyboard, attempting to make music, rather than just banging on it.

The class we take is┬ácalled Music Together, and the program is offered worldwide in over 40 countries, in 2500 communities. It’s well researched, designed to help your children learn to actually create music, not just appreciate it. You’re sent home with songbooks and CDs (as well as digital download codes) so that you can play the music from class at home. Our boys LOVE it! They listen to the CDs in the car, and it calms them no matter how grumpy they are.

Music Together is a real treat for everyone! And you can start right away. At 8 months, T & Z were the youngest in their class. They couldn’t follow instructions, really, but they clearly enjoyed it and connected deeply with the music. I have found it a bit challenging to find classes for the very young. Music class is a great option, as kids love music even while in the womb.

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