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The Benefits of a Bedtime Routine

We have a bedtime routine. We call it “Bath Books Bed.” It goes like this:

  • 5:15 Dinner
  • 6 Bath
  • 6:15 Milk (from Contingo water bottles, not those old nursery bottles since age 1)
  • 6:30 Books and songs (sometimes Papa busts out his guitar for a sing-along)
  • 6:50 Brush teeth
  • 7 Bed

Pillow Talk

The Joy Boys love their routine. They know what to expect and when. And when it’s time to go to bed, they do so without any fuss. They just snuggle up in their beds and zzzzzzzzz…..

We love their routine. It keeps us sane because they are in sync with our desires. No needless fighting around bath, brushing teeth, or bed. It all goes quite smoothly (for now anyway! I realize this can and will change over time!)

We make a big effort to keep the routine even when we travel, so that despite their lives being quite disrupted by new people and places and time differences, there is a familiar rhythm to their days. They respond very well to this.

T after bath

And yes, we do disrupt the routine. Probably about once a week, they either bathe early because they’re so filthy; or we’re at my Mom or Dad’s place so we skip bath and just go straight to bed when we get home. It’s good to get them used to variations in the routine so they don’t become inflexible.

But on the whole, I’m a big believer in routines for kids.

What’s your bedtime routine?

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