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Bassinets, Pack ‘n Plays, and Boppies, Oh My! How Should I Sleep my Newborn Babies?

An expectant twin mom just wrote me to ask: “What did you do about bassinets?”

Well, we bought a Graco Pack ‘n Play for twins. At about $180, I thought this was a pretty good deal. It is lightweight and easy to set up, as well as fairly straightforward to move from room to room. You may find that sometimes you want your babes sleeping in your room, and sometimes you want them sleeping in their nursery.

Graco Twin Pack n Play

As a huge bonus, once the babes grow out of the bassinets (15 pounds), you can use it as a real crib for one child. (There are tons of different models and styles, so find one that is appealing to you.)

Then, have an additional Pack ‘n Play permanently set up in another room of the house (This doesn’t need to be a special fancy twin one. It can just be a regular one, or even a hand-me-down.) Sometimes you will want one baby sleeping in your room and the other sleeping in the nursery – for example, when one is sleeping more soundly through the night, or when one is sick.

My boys still use their Pack ‘n Plays for beds, as we don’t have room for two cribs. We’ve pimped them out with mattresses, mattress pads, and fitted sheets, but I am telling you – this is a great way to save money and space! Plus the Pack ‘n Plays can travel with you to friends’ and grandparents’ houses for naps or even bedtime on the road.

I wish someone had told me not to invest more in bedding than you need to! I strongly advise using Pack ‘n Plays until your kids are ready for bigger beds.

An alternative that many of my friends have enjoyed is two Moses baskets. Super easy to move around. The only downside is, once you’re done with them, you’re done. You will still need the 2 Pack n’ Plays or cribs (it isn’t safe to sleep two babies in one crib once they start rolling around, since they could squash each other).

Moses basket

Heck, I even read an article recently about parents sleeping their babies in cardboard boxes! Doing so has vastly reduced infant mortality in Finland. And talk about cheap!

Baby in a Box

I’d say the critical factor is that your bassinets, baskets or boxes be easy to move around. I know I sound like a broken record. But you’ll want to pick up your sleeping babies and bring them into another room with you, and you will want to easily be able to sleep the two babies in different rooms.

In addition to the Pack ‘n Play with twin bassinets, we kept 2 infant boppy loungers for the babes to hang out and coo in when they were awake in our living room, the nursery, or the bedroom. Sometimes, they’d nap in them, too, but only when supervised (they’re not safe for nighttime sleeping without a watchful eyes, the manufacturers say).

I couldn’t believe how much we used these boppy things until the boys were about 6 months old and really started moving on their own. They’re basically personal baby lounge chairs, and the boys loved them.

We could even get them to share one lounger at times (pictured below). And one person could solo feed them both at the same time when I had pumped: back to back in the Boppy, is was pretty easy to hold two bottles at once, one in each hand.

They’re very easy to find second-hand, though they cost only $30 each.



Finally, we had 2 swings, which we had the boys nap in most days and occasionally used to rock them to sleep at night. Swings are key: babies love the motion of being rocked, and find it very soothing. Strap them in, hit go, and enjoy 15 minutes of peace (or more!) to check your Facebook Page, cook a meal, or just nap. You’ll definitely want two!


We loved our Mamaroo swing, which moved in 6 different directions and had built-in white noise, but there are definitely cheaper models on the market – we were lucky enough to get two as gifts from friends.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what worked for you.

  • Michelle B
    April 20, 2016

    I’ve done all the same and second the idea of using the pack’n’play as long as possible. Plus, now that my son is in his crib (or my bed…he’s 11mos) we can take the pack’n’playto the gransparents or set it up at the park or beach. Son #1 hated the swing but son#2 LOVED the swing. We got a used one that broke down mid-nap. My husband kept rocking the baby while I hopped online and checked craigslist (no luck) and our local resale shop. VOILA …resale shop had one. I blazed out the door while daddy ricked and was back in 15 minutes. I set up the swing, we geeeeeeently transferred baby and hit the “swing” button. Piece a cake! Our son mever liked the music on the swing but did like rotating mobile. It also helped to swaddle him in it. Then he really felt like he was in mommy arms (or belly) and slept for hours! I honestly don’t know why they don’t make them for parents…with a cup holder and a little fan! 🙂 Great article MeiMei! Spot on!

    • meimeifox
      April 28, 2016

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Michelle, and for the support!

  • Susannah
    April 21, 2016

    My saving grace were the rock-in-plays. They were pretty cheap, very light, easy to transport, and they folded to give you more space.

    • meimeifox
      April 28, 2016

      Thank you for sharing, Susannah!

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