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To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise

That is the question.

Circumcised Banana


My husband and I pondered the topic for many months after we learned that we’d be having two boys. When people asked us what we would do about this controversial decision, we liked to reply, “Oh, we’re going to circumcise one and not the other.” Many of them looked at us with absolute horror.

It was a joke. Of course!

Well, today’s New York Times reports that there are no scientific arguments to be made either for or against circumcision. The health benefits of the surgical procedure – lower rates of urinary tract infection, penile cancer, and STIs – are very slight.  The risks – of something going wrong or of decreased sexual satisfaction later in life – are also minimal.

So that leaves it up to you, the parents. A personal choice made on behalf of your babies. Some people have strong religious or cultural motivations, others don’t.

What are your feelings about circumcision? What did you decide?

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