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The Ultimate List of What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Okay, I must start this post by saying: Why the heck would you ever buy yourself (or register for) a diaper bag that slings over one shoulder when you can have a diaper backpack that goes over both shoulders? Especially if you’re expecting TWINS?

Traditional Diaper Bag

I registered for the traditional large purse-style diaper bag (pictured above). Sure, they’re super cute. So fashionable! But I also, blessedly, happened to be gifted, as a hand-me-down, a diaper backpack branded for men (pictured below).

Daddy Diaper Bag

Not two months after the boys were born, I gave away the purse-style bag. It was constantly slipping off my shoulder as I attempted to carry a baby in the other arm. Or walk the double stroller. Carry two babies at once AND a shoulder bag? Fugettaboutit.

The backpack, IMHO, is the ONLY way to go. I seriously can’t believe no one told me this in advance of having twins.

Now, here’s something else no one told me. Don’t try to carry a diaper bag AND a purse. For the same reason that you don’t want an over-the-shoulder diaper bag: It slips off all the time. And you very well might forget it someplace in the chaos (Mommy Brain is real!). So don’t bring one out. Instead, put your keys, wallet, sunglasses and phone into the diaper bag.

Now you only have ONE BAG to keep track of along with your TWO BABIES. And, in case of emergency (which does happen), you can put the backpack on, scoop up one baby in each arm, and safely hit the road running. Voila.

Now that you have your handy diaper backpack, what should you pack in it? I had no idea. I started with a list from a friend, and have slowly adapted it over time. So this is my list. My life in a bag. BOOM.



For Diaper Changing:

4 diapers (2 / baby)

1 travel pack of wipes

1 portable changing pad

1 small bottle of diaper cream (if you use it)

1 small bottle of hand sanitizer (in case you aren’t near a sink)

1 small bottle of heavy-duty moisturizer (for chapped hands after washing/ sanitizing – public restroom soaps are so harsh. Also useful for nipples if you’re breastfeeding)

2 large Ziploc bags (for disposing of poopy diapers, which it is NOT polite to just dump in an airplane or any sort of public restroom or your friend’s bathroom trashcan. Also good for other miscellaneous trash you collect, which you always do.)

2 changes of clothes (1 / baby, in case they blow out a diaper. Yes, this actually happens more often than you’d think.)

For Feeding:

2 burp cloths

2 bottles of ready-made formula (if you use it)

2 feeding bottles (if you’re using formula or breast milk that you have pumped)

2 lightweight bibs

4 pouches (if they’re eating regular food, 6 months+. These things are genius: all-natural, organic, nothing but fruits, veggies, and grains, disposable, no mess, and kids love ’em!)

1 sippie cup filled with water (if they’re eating food by now)

For Baby Comfort:

2 Muslin cloths (great to wrap them up in if it gets cold, cover their car seat if they fall sleep, and also to use while breastfeeding.)

2 pacifiers (I actually had 2 soothies permanently stashed in the diaper bag so that I didn’t have to remember to put them in there when I left the house. Because trust me, you won’t remember.)

1 small bottle infant Tylenol (I rarely used it, but there were times when teething pain just got to be too much)

2 lightweight toys (teething toys, jingly-jangly things)

2 small lovies (if they’re into stuffed animals)

1 small bottle sunscreen

2 lightweight sunhats

For Mama:

House and car keys




1 fresh shirt (especially if they’re at that spitting up a ton phase)

Snacks (nutrition bar, pack of nuts and raisins cause, you know, you WILL get hungry)

Small water bottle (I have been known to drain my children’s sippie cups out of desperation for a sip of fresh water)

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