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Why I Encourage My Twin Toddlers to Eat at the Big Kids Table

Today’s breakfast was a silly, giggly, dancing wiggle fest!

I’m so grateful to our super nanny Yessica Liberato for encouraging us to feed the Joy Boys in proper chairs at a small table since they were about nine months old, and not always put them in highchairs. I feel it is respectful of them, and teaches them how to behave like a big kid when eating a meal.

We still use highchairs for messy, sloppy meals like pasta covered in tomato sauce or oatmeal. But if it’s finger foods like toast and cut up fruit, snack time things like carrots and snap peas and raisins, then we put the stuff out on their small table and ask them to sit down to eat.

It doesn’t always work! Often they end up running around with food in hand. So we gently guide them back to the table. It’s a process.

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