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How to Cope when You Get Frustrated and Annoyed

My mind is like a bad neighborhood. I try not to go there alone.

– Anne Lamott

Frustrated Mom


Let’s face it: Getting frustrated and annoyed with your kids is part of being a parent. Our Little Ones bring us such joy, but they also drive us insane… primarily because, guess what? They have minds of their own, desires of their own, and a hardwired drive to test limits.

I found this article,How to Stop Being Annoyed with Life, which my friend David Allan published on CNN today, super relevant to coping with the stress and frustration of parenting. In it, he provides 10 simple and effective tactics including taking 10 deep breaths, walking for a moment in the other person’s shoes, and calling on someone else for help.

What are your strategies for calming yourself when frustrated with your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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