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Rainy Day Fun with Toddler Twins

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Darby hit Honolulu. It didn’t end up being such a big deal, but we did have high winds and a serious rainstorm, including rare (for us) thunder and lightning. This meant we had to spend most of Sunday indoors.

Here are some ideas for what to do with your toddlers when it’s storming and you don’t want to go out to the museum or indoor playground or mall, you just want to hang inside your house. Do you have any to add?

  • Do some art: We like to go out on our lanai (balcony) with washable paint and go to town on a big piece of butcher paper… and our own bodies.
  • Build a fort: Under the dining room table. With the sofa cushions. Forts are such fun.
  • Play hide and seek: Okay, my boys still can’t really do this at age 19 months, but with a lot of help, they sort of get the idea.
  • Fun with flour: Clear an area in the kitchen or a porch, and let your kiddos have it with simple (cheap) flour and water. Also fun: Spaghetti
  • Have a dance party. With costumes: The Joy Boys love music. We turn on the Toddler Radio on Pandora, or Papa busts out his guitar, we costume with old t-shirts and ties and scarves and dance dance dance!

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