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How the Heck To Manage Maternity Clothes During Your Twin Pregnancy

This is a guest post from blogger Merry Guillaumon. Like her Page Juggling with Twins on Facebook for more! Merry is a 33-year-old mother to three-month-old twins, living with her husband in Hamburg, Germany – discovering motherhood, cooking, and ways to simplify life while being grateful and tired.

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One of the best moments in my life was last August when my doctor said, “Congratulations, you are pregnant. Look, here is one little baby…. aaand – you always wanted twins, right? Because here you see your second little baby.”

Apart from so many amazing things during pregnancy, I was really looking forward to wearing cute maternity clothes. I started collecting ideas on Pinterest, looking for ways to cut costs, as my budget was as tiny as the little babies inside me. I couldn’t wait for the day when my tummy would reveal to everyone that I was pregnant.

Well. Let’s put it this way: It was not as easy as I thought, especially with the fast-growing belly of a twin mum.

I had bought some airy, soft trousers and a pair of maternity jeans early on, and on top of that I got a lot of clothes from my sister and friends who just had their babies.

All ready, set and go, right? Well-prepared for the months to come!

Man, was I wrong. Being a very skinny woman, my normal wardrobe contains very fitted clothes with no room for one baby, let alone two. Do the trick with the rubber band so you can still wear normal jeans? Yeah, for the first two months. Cover open trousers with a belly band? For the first four months max, and definitely not with fitted skinny jeans.

Shirts and pullovers quickly became extremely tight and tended to slip up and uncover my belly, making me look like Homer Simpson.

Pregnant belly

Fall came with rain and dropping degrees, so I could wear my cute and airy trousers only in the house. And after four months, my belly started to grow so rapidly that even the stuff I’d been wearing just fine two weeks ago was turning into a sausage casing.

And not just my cute little belly was growing. Let’s just say it, the same goes for legs and bottom. None of the trousers made it above my ass hips anymore – except for one giant thing: the elephant jeans. My best friend gave me these after her pregnancy with the words, “I don’t know if you want these. I got them from my mom from her pregnancy and to be honest, I never wore them.” Man was I glad I kept them. Comfy, covering everything – perfect!

Well, until I wore the elephant jeans in public. My sister nearly peed herself when she saw me. “You look like an 80-year-old senile grandpa in daycare!” she shrieked in horror. A friend’s comment was, “Well, you should be glad that you don’t plan for any more children. These trousers will prevent you from ever getting laid again.”

Elephant jeans

When I entered the third trimester, I got a new pile of borrowed clothes from a friend who had just delivered her beautiful baby boy. But she doubted that any of it would fit me, since pre-pregnancy she weighed a lot more than I did. Never mind. Her clothes were amazing. Fluid shirts, trousers that had room enough for my belly and with a modern style, unlike my elephant jeans from the 80s – I was thrilled! Hooray!

Well, again, until I wore this stuff out in public. I felt prettier than in weeks when I went to a birthday party. The first comment was, “What the f**?! Are you expecting your ass to grow as much as your belly?!” Followed by, “That’s the most unsexy outfit ever!”

Well, they hadn’t seen me in my elephant jeans…

I don’t consider myself vain. When I have to choose between comfy and stylish, I admit, I tend towards comfy. But what with pregnancy hormones and feeling like crap with all the aches in my back, I cried and cried when I came home that night. Unlike the beautiful “glowing” pregnant ladies from magazines and TV, I did not glow at any point during pregnancy. My skin was dry with red patches, my hair did not look great either, and I felt like a total failure in terms of looks.

I got recommendations like, “I always wore skirts and dresses during pregnancy. You should try it.” Yes, great advice for warm temperatures, but it was freezing outside. And did you know that even stretchy maternity leggings become tight and itchy once you’re more than six months pregnant with twins? Your belly just grows so fast it feels like you could go shopping for new stuff every three weeks – and if I had the money, I would have done that. But especially since I had to spend a lot of time on bed rest, I considered it a waste of money.

So here’s what I learned about maternity clothes during twin pregnancy. I hope you’ll find some useful advice.

* Don’t think that the cute maternity clothes you buy will fit all the way until delivery. So don’t buy too much at once, especially not during the first four months when your belly is still pretty tiny but you are in the “hooray, I’m pregnant” mode.

* Shirts are usually not the biggest problem, as long as you buy stuff extra large. Everything gets cute and stylish when you wear it with a belt or ribbon to accentuate your boobs and belly. I had a black satin ribbon that I used to make everything look more sophisticated and glamorous (well, you know, not really, but still cute).

Shirt w tie

* If you don’t want to run around in elephant jeans and it’s not the season for skirts (or you are not a skirt person), there are not a lot of options. However, you can find pants that are completely wide and stretchy – just don’t expect to use that belly band attached to normal jeans beyond your first few months.

* This might sound like awkward advice, but for me it was the biggest discovery of all: Wear your clothes inside out. Well, not everything of course, even *I* don’t want to look like I forgot my medication… But I found that as the clothes got tighter, the seams were itching and cutting so heavily into my skin that it drove me crazy. It was such a relief to simply turn them inside out.

* Underwear – yes, we all know that we need new bras for pregnancy and nursing, but did I expect to grow out of my underwear at 28 weeks? Certainly not. Instead of spending money on huge (and ugly) pregnant mom underwear, my hubby went through his underwear drawer and donated a couple of his good slim boxers. What a joy to wear, super comfy, and with two other benefits: 1 – I could also use them after delivery, 2 – it is a good excuse to make your spouse sort out that big pile of undies and get rid of the older ones!

* But back to bras. I bought a couple of “wonderbras” that resemble yoga sports bras. They are seamless and allow the boobs to grow a ton. Since they are so stretchy, they work fine for nursing as well. It might not suit everybody, but for me starting with cup size B, they give the necessary support for my new size, D. And when on bedrest, I found it really cozy to have a bra without a fastener at the back.

I hope this helps!


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