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What It’s Like to Be the Parent of A Special Needs Child

I don’t know if I have a special needs child. I don’t seem to, at this time. But you can’t be certain. The child in this story was diagnosed with major brain issues at age two.

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Anyway, it doesn’t matter for the purposes of this piece. I was profoundly impacted by this beautiful, honest article on The Unexpected Life of Being A Parent with a Special Needs Child. I highly recommend that every parent read it. It will bring you so much empathy. It will make you cry.

Here’s a short excerpt:

I accompanied [my elementary school aged daughter] to spa, dance, and yoga parties, and exhausted myself striking a balance between keeping her out of trouble and giving her the freedom to play with the other girls. I would come home drained and depressed. My daughter didn’t fit in this world. I knew it, and so did she…

My life with Lizzy is not the one my husband or I ever expected. I’m not the mom I expected to be either. But it has been a tremendous learning experience, and I’ve changed a lot in the process.

The article was posted on the website of, an exceptional non-profit based in New York that offers mental health support for women, especially mothers. Check them out.

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