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The Healthy Positive Marriage Challenge

Today on Facebook, my best friend challenged me to post a picture of my partner and me, in order to fill our feeds with something positive. I want to share it here, as well, because I feel strongly that our culture does not provide us with enough positive role models of healthy marriages.

Me & Kiran on the very night we met in Costa Rica.

The Night We Met

Naturally, I can’t help but share the very epic photo I asked a friend to snap of us the VERY DAY Kiran and I met surfing in Costa Rica. We met up together later that night for drinks and live music at one of the local joints. Kiran had arrived the night before. I would depart the following morning on a 6 am bus. We had only a few hours together (and no, we did not hook up!), but we did swap emails and by the time I had made it home to San Francisco, I had a message waiting for me, the beginning of a marvelous friendship.

Never in my life had I been struck by the lightning bolt of love as I was on this day, pictured below. And even though it took 3 years for us to find our way into a romantic relationship, some part of me knew within minutes that Kiran was my destiny.

Now that I am married to the Love of My Life — with children! — I know the true happiness, support, fun, joy, laughter, compassion, and all-around goodness that can emerge from a healthy marriage. When it works, it provides a solid foundation from which to grow and spread your wings… And I feel grateful for that every single day.

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