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Our New Favorite Toys: Bruder Trucks


How do you spell happiness for twin toddler boys who are totally obsessed with anything that goes vroom?


My husband introduced the Joy Boys to Bruder Trucks a few weekends ago, and they have been the kids’ favorite toys ever since. The great thing about Bruder trucks is that they are exact replicas of the real deals, built with precision to scale.


They also come in age-appropriate categories, 2+, 3+, etc, as well as a range of sizes from quite small to enormous. And they are light-weight, so easy tote around to beach, park, and playground. Just look at Z, above. Loving life!

So far, we have a backhoe, a bulldozer, and tractor, all from the construction category. I’m sure we’ll soon be adding some agricultural trucks and emergency gear- fire trucks, ambulances, etc. Oh yeah!

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