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A Visit to A Great Park Makes A Toddler’s Day

We’re on the road again! Doing another house swap in LA and SF, staying with friends in Portland and family in New York. We’ll be on the go for about two months.

The Joy Boys are loving it. They are true adventure travelers. They get excited about seeing new places, and they settle in quickly with our easy-peasy, lightweight tents as travel beds (which they also sleep in at home, weigh about one pound each, and fit into their suitcase). We find it also helps to keep fairly rigidly schedule in terms of times for waking up, having breakfast, playtime, nap, and the regular evening dinner – bath – books – bed routine.

T in a Tent

On Sunday, we went to this fantastic park with my friend Alice and her three-year-old son Dante. It reminded me of what a difference a great park can make. All three of the boys had an absolute blast and ran themselves ragged, while Alice and I even managed to have a few minutes of adult conversation!

The park we visited was Ozone Park in Santa Monica, LA. It is full of magical, imaginative equipment, including a giant slide and cool seesaw for big kids. But the best part is the fenced off, sand-filled area for kids 5 and under. It has a slide, climbing shoe, seesaw, baby swings, and this fabulous bicycle powered merry-go-round.

I wish we had great parks like this in Honolulu. But I’m extra inspired now to find the best parks wherever we travel. I remember taking my nieces to a fantastic park in Munich, where my brother and his wife were living with their three girls for a year. It had a zipline!

What are your favorite parks? What are your kids’ favorite playgrounds and pieces of equipment?

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