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What To Do With Your Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween from the Joy Boys!

Joy Boys Halloween costumes

We enjoyed our first fully conscious and aware Halloween with the Joy Boys, now almost two. Given that they’ve never eaten candy before, and we have no desire to expose them to processed and packaged sugar products untilĀ it’s absolutely necessary, we wondered what to do with the small amount of candy we got from trick-or-treating at 5 different houses.

I was overjoyed when my friend with older kids told me that you can donate your candy to our American troops overseas! It’s called the Halloween Candy Buyback program. For older kids, they can actually get cash or toothbrushes and other healthy products in exchange for giving up their candy at a local dentist office or participating retail store. For young kids like ours, they don’t even know the difference.

We did get some great non-candy treats in our plastic pumpkin, including two flashing light-up rings and two small containers of play-doh. The Joy Boys have thoroughly enjoyed these gifts.

What is your Halloween candy policy? I’d love to know.

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