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What to Tell Your Children About the Election

My children are still too young to understand what happened on Tuesday night. Though being such energy-sensitive creatures, I’m pretty sure they picked up on my sadness, disappointment, and disbelief on Wednesday morning when we awoke to the news that Clinton lost and Trump won.


I’ve been struggling to integrate the surprising turn of events. Meanwhile, I’m sure that many of you are struggling even more with how to talk to your children about the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

This might help: A wonderful article in the Huffington Post by educator Ali Michael. Honestly, you should read it for yourself. But I’ll summarize the main points here:

  1. Tell them they’re safe. Our democracy has built-in checks and balances to prevent Trump from doing whatever he wants whenever he feels like it.
  2.  Tell them that you will fight bigotry–and they can, too. We can all speak up for diversity and equal rights. We can all practice tolerance.
  3. Tell them how to be responsible members of society–by checking facts, questioning assumptions, and taking feedback.
  4. Tell them that not everyone who voted for Trump is a horrible person. Personally, I feel this is a very important point. I have beloved family members who voted for Trump. They aren’t evil, racist, or sexist. They’re suffering. They’re desperate for change. Let’s not fight hate with hate. We need to teach our children to listen to the other side, to respect differing opinions even as we challenge them.

Love and light!

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