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One Of Those Days…

Just so you don’t get the impression that all our travel with twins goes well…


Today was one of those days… Or 48 hours, to be more precise.

It started off badly on Wednesday when our 10-hour direct flight from New York’s JFK to Hawaii’s HNL — with our twin 2 year-olds in tow — was delayed by 8 hours. What worked to our advantage was that instead of flying all day (10 am – 9pm Eastern time) we ended up with a red-eye leaving at 6pm Eastern. T was able to sleep nearly the entire flight, which was a real blessing. I’ve written in previous posts about how our family generally prefers to take red-eyes so that the kids will sleep–even if we don’t. Unfortunately, Z, who isn’t sleeping as soundly these days in general, only managed to get about 4 hours of sleep and was a wreck by the time we landed.

We finally arrived into HNL at midnight. But then, of course, we still had to fetch our bags and make it home. By the time I’d given the babes a snack, changed diapers, and gotten them to bed, it was about 1:15am! This made for a very sleepy and grumpy Thursday for all four of us.

Nevertheless, we powered through, and I was really looking forward to a sound night’s sleep last night. Just as we were about to put the boys down at 6pm (an hour earlier than usual, but they were exhausted and ready), Z starts puking. He continues to vomit 8 times all night long, requiring 3 full showers and numerous changes of sheets/ towels/ PJs / stuffed animals. I had to do 3 full loads of laundry this morning to clean up!

Naturally, all this activity wakes T up at 4:45 am, and he decides it’s time to get up since it’s 9:45am by his body clock! Woohoo – trucks!

Meanwhile, Mama and Papa are zombiefied. Good news is, Z woke at 7 am this morning ready to eat bread and drink coconut water, both of which he is keeping down. And both boys went back down for nap at 8:30 am. Me, too! Thanking my lucky stars for my awesome husband Kiran, super teammate throughout all this! Hoping that we’re all healthy and back on schedule tomorrow. Phew!

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