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Happy TWO to the Joy Boys

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Happy TWO to the Joy Boys!!!!!


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Two is…
Awestruck at the world
Delight in Christmas lights and fallen leaves
Insatiable curiosity
Daily fits of laughter and contagious smiles
An undeniable, unstoppable obsession with trucks and trains and things that GO!

Two is…
Abstract thinking and cognitive connections
Exploding daily
The human mind developing in massive bursts,
a wonder to behold.

Two is…
Frustration at not being able to communicate
complemented by a love for the word “NO.”
A fierce desire to do things for yourself, in your own time
Screaming, howling, crocodile tear temper tantrums
that dissolve just as rapidly into giggles
A mischievous grin that says, “I know I’m not supposed to do this, but–”

Two is…
Still looking like a baby sometimes
(especially when sleeping or after a bath),
while turning into more and more of a boy every day.
Longing for independence
While still desiring
Snuggles and hugs and “recharging” in Mama and Papa’s laps.

Two is…
Magic and meaning and mystery.
The sun at dawn.
The joy of being alive.

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