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Yoda Has Words for You

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Do you get so many silly questions as a twin parent? Often the same ones, in the same order.

For me, it usually goes like this:

Are they twins? (Yes)

Are they identical? (No, fraternal)

Are they a boy and a girl/ both boys/ both girls? (We have never cut their hair, so yes, the Joy Boys can easily pass for girls!)

Who is older? (We don’t tell anyone. We don’t want them to know. It’s an absurd question anyway: They are the SAME AGE!)

Do twins run in your family? (Well, yes. Kiran has twin half-brothers who are now 13).

Were they natural/ did you do IVF? (This is really none of your business. Also always tempted to respond with, “Did you have sex last night?”)

Did you have a C-section? (Also none of your business).

Double trouble! (Double happiness).

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