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How NOT to Potty Train Twins

How Not to Potty Train Twins

I had this genius idea a month ago.

A well-intentioned friend told me about how she’d potty-trained her two boys, now four and six-years-old with this three-day training method. She then proceeded to gift me with her entire vast collection of little plastic toddler potties, including one that sings when you go.

“This method works best with children under 28 months of age,” the article stated. Well, my twin boys were already 26 months old. They were obsessed with talking about poop and insisting on invading the only remaining private space in our home to watch me and my husband, Kiran, go to the bathroom. In other words, they seemed ready. I figured we could get this potty training business done like a boss.

We picked a weekend when we could spend the better part of three entire days in our tiny apartment. We scattered plastic potties throughout the household. We rolled up our living room carpet and covered the couch with beach towels. I had new books, toys, stickers, and stamps ready to go for distractions and bribes. I even lined up visits from Grandpa and Grandma.

I am nothing in life if not prepared. We were ready. Three difficult days, and my boys would be out of diapers forever.

It all started to go wrong on Day One.


Read the rest of this post at Multiples Illuminated, a great blog for parents of twins, triplets and more. My essay “Permission Granted” was published in their first book last year, and another essay I wrote will appear in the coming book later this year.

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